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Welcome to RPM Prototyping and Manufacturing, Inc.

Fast, accurate, specialized prototyping and manufacturing services...that's what we do. Our diverse technical knowledge blended with creative problem solving and high standards is how we do it. Your needs are our challenges.

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Artistic Engineering — The creation of beauty through the use of scientific principles and processes

RPM sets the standard when it comes to solving your unique problems by thinking creatively about prototype design and engineering through manufacturing. RPM has worked with independent inventers to Fortune 500 companies––and everyone in between––and RPM can work with you on the following services:

Prototyping Manufacturing Fixtures & Nests Design & Engineering Web & Graphic Design

RPM continually exceeds customer expectations. Why? Our combination of accuracy, quality, creativity and outstanding customer service is unmatched. We push past the “Redline” to complete your projects on time and under budget. Contact us today to find out how to make your project come to life.

Contact us at (847) 840-8623 or info@rpmproto.com. We will help you determine the best path to a successful product that meets your unique needs and budget.


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